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Latest News

With permission from EAL NFEC is pleased to host this informative presentation

19th June 2024

The challenges of Sustainability in the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector EAL Level 2 Award in Sustainable Engineering, a post 16 qualification

Released by EAL 19th June 2024

Latest NFEC Seminars

NFEC is pleased to initiate a series of seminars related to Artificial Intelligence

19th April 2024

Dr Marie Oldfield, CSci, Cstat, APAI, FIScT, SFHEA

We are all aware of AI, which has been around for longer than we may think; there appear to be many definitions of AI and certainly a wide range of applications of associated technologies, philosophies and concepts.

Throughout the coming months and at the forthcoming NFEC Conference, guest speakers will be asked to explain the many aspects of AI, what it means to us and how it will benefit us as educators. What does it mean to us as individuals, how will it impact on us and our "processes" and how will it benefit our students, how will AI improve our teaching and learning and how do we advise our students (and our own families)

No doubt there will be concerns over potential abuses and how these may be minimised. What standards are being developed to ensure professional development and application which will certainly impact of all areas of our profession and our lives.

We have decided that we should start this important programme as soon as possible.

Watch the Dr Marie Oldfield seminar now!

T Level Work Experience - Case Studies

During the academic year 2020-2021, NFEC held a number of online seminars which focussed on preparing for the launch in September 2022 of the three T-Levels planned for the Engineering sector;

  • T Level technical qualification in Design and Development for Engineering and Manufacturing
  • T Level technical qualification in Maintenance, Installation and Repair for Engineering and Manufacturing
  • T Level technical qualification in Engineering, Manufacturing, Processing and Control

During the course of these webinars it became clear that one of the foremost challenges facing NFEC members in delivering the new T-Levels would be in the sourcing, management and measurement of the substantial work placements of 315 hours which form part of the overall T-Level qualification.

NFEC committed to collate some case studies, contributed from NFEC member colleges to illustrate the strategies that had been employed so far to build capacity for work placements, ahead of T-Level launch, and to provide shared resources to aid all members in their own planning and implementation.

The report which has resulted consists of three cases studies and shared resources from three NFEC member colleges representing various settings, geographies and demographics.

Please view the report within our 'Working 4 You' section 'Reports and Case Studies' or click the link below:

NFEC - T Level Work Experience Case Studies Report 2022

NFEC would like to thank and acknowledge the contributions made from the following colleges; South Devon College, Walsall College, Herefordshire, Ludlow & North Shropshire College. We trust that this will provide you with some useful information and a reminder that "we are all in this together"!

We will welcome feedback from members and indeed, any further contributions that NFEC can add to this resource.

NFEC Announces a revised programme of its Online Seminar series

A revised monthly schedule covering subjects that are of interest to practitioners and managers of Technical Education programmes; Zoom Seminars dealing with major strategic issues topics including:

  • Developments in qualification strategy:
    • The ongoing development of technical qualifications at L4 and L5.
    • The future of BTECs and other L3 qualifications.
    • The launch of the Engineering T-Levels for first year delivery.
    • Revised Apprenticeship Standards.
    • The changing landscape of L3 and University entrance requirements.
  • New and emerging technology presentations.
  • Skills for the "Green World".
  • Supporting colleagues.
  • CPD opportunities.
  • Institutes of Technology and related "partnership networks".
  • EPA for Apprentice programmes.
  • Ofsted experiences from the front line.

Physical Seminars

It is likely that NFEC will host some "physical" seminars during the year, full or part day events, probably of a "local" nature, bringing members together to look at - specific topics, opportunities for sharing ideas, experience and practice, a chance for practitioners to get together to discuss what is important.

Focus Groups

At the start of the 2022-23 year, NFEC launched a series of "focus Group" meetings, bringing member representatives together for less formal discussions and considering NFEC and other worthwhile activities.

Seminar Topics

The NFEC Directors are asking for your feedback and requests:

  • What subjects we should be covering, specific issues that we can bring to these forums?
  • Are there topics that you would like to present on?
  • Have you seen something that we can replicate or contribute towards?

NFEC Website Showcase

NFEC, again invites members to submit items for the NFEC website, a showcase for your organisation, department, resource application, busines placements or student projects. Please get in touch to discuss.


NFEC is pleased to support the Royal Academy of Engineering by promoting this opportunity

20th February 2023

Amazon Future Engineer bursary scheme is now open for applications!

Royal Academy of Engineering are launching the third round of its Amazon Future Engineer bursary, a scheme aimed at supporting women students from low-income households who will be studying computer science or related engineering courses at UK universities.

The financial support package of £5,000 a year, for up to four years, will be made available to students progressing from either A levels or technical/vocational education courses to university for the 2023/24 academic year. The bursaries will help students who demonstrate a drive and passion for computing and engineering, and an understanding of how innovation and creativity in these fields can help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Applications for the Amazon Future Engineer bursaries are now open, and close at 4pm on Monday 17th April 2023. The aim is to reach and to encourage as many eligible students as possible to apply.

Find out more

Free to attend training courses to develop the battery workforce of the future

15th February 2023

NFEC is pleased to support and promote the following Battery related Training Courses.

Please contact Paul Whiteside direct:

The Faraday Institution, as a delivery partner of the Faraday Battery Challenge by Innovate UK, has commissioned the creation of six battery training courses to support skills needs in the battery sector.

Attendance at each of the six courses is being offered for free for a limited time only, during February and March.

The courses available are:

  • Level 3 - Battery manufacturing module and pack design
  • Level 3 - Fundamentals of battery supply chain systems
  • Level 3 - Operating principles of battery management systems
  • Level 3 - Battery end-of-life prep and environmental disposal
  • Level 3 - Decommissioning and sustainable reutilisation of batteries
  • Level 3 - Introduction to designing sustainable batteries

Each course is two days in length with the first day delivered on-line, and the second day delivered at the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre - The UK's national manufacturing battery development facility providing UK battery manufacturing scale-up and skills for the battery sector.

To find out more about the content of the courses, and to book your free place, head to Eventbrite by clicking here.

If you have any queries about the courses, please contact Paul Whiteside via

NFEC Meetings and seminar programme academic year 2022 - 23

31st January 2023

After a slow start to the 2022 - 23 year, NFEC Directors are focusing the programme of online seminars for the year ahead commencing in February with a series of events both online and in person, that will cover a mix of subject areas including, changes and development in our sector together with a range of views on the skills for the new "green" world.

What will be different, if at all. What new requirements will be expected?. How can we help each other?

Skills shortages? (not a new topic after all)

Aiming for events and presentations each month (except August)

The NFEC AGM is to be scheduled for March, as in the last two years this will be an online event.

Annual Conference 2024


We have decided not to run the conference at this time, it is possible we will postpone to later in the year.

NFEC Free Seminars

NFEC Guide to Future Qualification Landscape and Policy

With Theresa Frith - Senior Skills Policy Manager, Association of Colleges

1st December 2023

View details

Adopting Electricity

Adopting Electricity is said to be the way to go in the future

22nd June 2023

View details

Business Members Products

NFEC values the support of its Business Members whose product displays and technical presentations are a key resource for Provider Members.

View these pages to see some of the latest product developments, equipment, services and information. The links in the Business Members section connect with company websites, product catalogues and presentations.

View and support NFEC's Business Members

NFEC Events

The current unprecedented global and UK situation calls for all of us to make the best judgements we can in the light of the official guidance we are receiving. Therefore reluctantly, the Board of Directors, have decided to cancel all future NFEC events planned for the next few months, until further notice and hopefully an improving situation emerges.

For more information and meeting notes go to our Regions page

Membership Fees

Due to the current situation the previously planned increase in membership fees has been cancelled.

NFEC membership fees are held at Institutional / Corporate / Company Membership: £460.00

Individual Professional: £100.00

Jonathan Gill, NFEC's Chair

Jon Gill, NFEC Chair
A message from the Chair

And what about your news?

We want to hear from you - Have you got some good news to share? Did your engineering department get a grade 1 from OFSTED?

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