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NFEC gives you a commitment to work on my issue that directly affects your Centre. You will also have complete access to all of the facilities provided through this web site, you will benefit from price reductions for NFEC conferences and you will have open access to all of NFEC's free Regional and other Dissemination events.

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Privacy Notice

NFEC is an institutional membership organisation, it is a Company Limited by Guarantee: Registered in England and is a Registered Charity; its members are education and training organisations, resource providers and companies which are involved in the provision of direct teaching, experiential learning and qualification of young people and adults. Membership is open to any organisation involved in training, education and qualification in the area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics); including educational establishments, private providers, employers and employer representative bodies. NFEC has a very small number of individual members, primarily these are people interested in or working with NFEC who are not currently employed by a member organisation.

NFEC’s purpose is to provide, support and facilitate information flow for and on behalf of its member organisations. NFEC acts as a representative body for its member organisations offering influence, feedback and guidance between a range of organisations and working parties that are engaged in related research, strategic planning and implementation of change and developments affecting technical and scientific education.

NFEC is not a trading company, as a charity it does not seek to raise “funds”. It does not publish, release or otherwise provide member information to any other organisation or individual.

The information that NFEC records on any member organisation is no more than the member would publish on their own website.

NFEC retains on file the names of member organisations together with contact information that includes the name of member nominated contact people together with telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. NFEC seeks to update such information annually.

Periodically NFEC conducts surveys of members, involvement of which is voluntary; the results of which is analysed statistically and used to assess and/or inform opinion and/or responses from members on a range of topics, developments, proposals etc. Specific references to member provided data are not included without the members express permission.

For administration purposes NFEC holds names and organisation information of participants in current and immediately passed network activities and events. Issues relating to privacy and security of information should be addressed to the NFEC Company Secretary.

(updated 25th May 2018)