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Friday 24th September 2021

On Friday 24th September, NFEC hosted an excellent presentation and discussion on the issues surrounding the latest Post 16 Vocational Qualifications Reform, led by Bryony Leonard Sector Manager - Engineering, Manufacturing and Automotive with Pearson Group.

View the presentation slides here

During the post presentation discussion delegates posed a range of relevant questions relating to the plans, timing and funding support and again raised concerns over a number of real practical operational issues that are yet to be explained / clarified. No doubt we will be coming back to this subject again.

Watch "Where do we go from here" on 24th September 2021

Developing Qualifications in Engineering & Manufacturing and related disciplines

Friday 25th June 2021

Dean O'Donoghue from OCR gave a very interesting, informative and well received presentation on the development of forthcoming new Cambridge Nationals in Engineering at KS4. Of particular interest was the descriptions relating to "progression opportunities" into further Engineering programmes and also across a range of related and other disciplines and how this all fits with the future Skills Strategy.

Please view the powerpoint slides from the seminar

T Level Work Placement Guidance

Friday 21st May 2021

An excellent Q & A based seminar to discuss T Level Work Placements, brought many interesting comments and examples from practitioners on the work that they are undertaking to prepare for these extended Work Placements; rather than just considering Engineering and Manufacturing these seminars are including experiences of colleagues who are developing and managing Construction based placements (which were launched a year ahead in 2020). Across all sectors the importance of high quality worthwhile placements are vital, especially given the nature and level of the careers that T Level students should be destined for. There are still concerns over how the high standards will be monitored, managed and assessed. The need for good guidance for providers and placement companies was very strongly voiced. NFEC will continue focused work groups to meet to further the discussion outcomes which will be reported here and at future seminars.

The following links have been provided by seminar speaker Lyne Tabone from Further Education Directorate, Education & Skills Funding Agency.

Employer guidance

Main industry placements introduction page for employers: basic starter info for those wanting to get involved in delivering industry placements:

And here is more introductory information on a website that has two sides - one for students and one for employers: T Levels | The Next Level Qualification

Support for Employers to deliver industry placements:
T-Levels ( - here there is access to a range of supporting guidance so this is an important link for employers

Resources mainly for providers, but has some examples on how to set up placements, that some employers might find interesting:

The Delivery Guidance says: students studying Digital and Engineering & Manufacturing T Levels can undertake a route level placement that allows them to develop the knowledge and skills studied at route level rather than those only relevant to their occupational specialism. See Annex A for more information about route level placements.

Guidance resources for providers

Case studies

Topic T Level Technical Certificate developments and Work Experience Placements

Friday 23rd April 2021

An excellent and well attended seminar heard the latest update on T Levels from Rob Stott and Scott Wilkins representing the relevant Awarding Bodies, City & Guilds and EAL on the continuing development of the Technical Certificate elements - the posted presentation the Abs on going efforts are much appreciated by NFEC members although there are still issues relating to size and specialist content of the Engineering and Manufacturing T Level. Please view Engineering & Manufacturing T Level Update Slides

Lynne Tabone from ESFA presented a summary of the T Level structure which covered the requirements for the Work Placement element. Lynne's presentation is available here: Industry Placements - Lynne Tabone, Education & Skills Funding Agency

Panel Members: Neil Sambrook, Walsall College and Jamie Binyon, Chichester College presented on the live issues that they are dealing with in their establishing placements in Construction; Sue Hopewell and Neil Davies from Birmingham Metropolitan College discussed their preparations and resource planning for their introduction of T Levels in Engineering and manufacturing. John Symonds, BMW brought an understanding of the issues that large companies have to consider when planning for any form of placement.

The Q & A and general discussion a long list of ideas, anomalies, concerns and suggestions which will feature in future NFEC T Level seminars.

NFEC T Levels

Friday 5th February 2021

A well attended informative discussion on T Levels demonstrated that there is a "way to go" to address the many concerns voiced by participants, NFEC will return to this discussion soon

What are "T" Levels and what will their introduction mean to us?

Thursday 10th December 2020

A well attended NFEC Seminar on the development of Engineering and Manufacturing T Levels.

Appointed Awarding Bodies City & Guilds and EAL gave a presentation on the principles and progress made so far. Reference was made to many of the outstanding issues and delegates questioned how these will be dealt with, some good discussion took place and some useful suggestions were made.

The seminar is available for viewing below:

Scott Wilkins of City & Guilds invited practitioners to get involved and to sign up for further updates:

Further NFEC Seminars will return to the subject of T Levels, each addressing a different element and providing updates.

Where do we go from here?

Friday 20th November 2020

NFEC's third seminar in its "Where do we go from here" series considering how we, as education providers manage our way through the Covid 19 Pandemic; was held online on Friday 20th November 2020.

Representatives from Awarding Bodies, City & Guilds, EAL and Pearson reported on their experiences gained in working with providers and regulators during Lockdown one. Preparing for delivery and assessment and preparations for what did come next and what may yet be still to come. A good interactive session covered a range of pertinent questions - we will obviously be returning to this topic in the future, reviewing developments and outcomes.

The seminar is available for viewing below: